Tianjin SIMFLEX Company LTD. was established in 2003.

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  • Springs are key components to the machinery.

    Springs are key components that contribute to the general functionality and dependability of the machinery that is manufactured. Stamping Presses: To generate the necessary force for the stamping operation, stamping presses use springs. Die-Cutting Machines: To regulate the cutting force and pressure, die-cutting machines use springs. Springs are used in injection molding machines to supply the necessary pressure and force throughout the injection and molding processes.…

  • Difference between Helical Spring vs Coil Spring.

    Difference between Helical Spring vs Coil Spring. The terms "helical spring" and "coil spring" are often used interchangeably, but they can have specific meanings depending on the context. Generally, both refer to springs formed by coiling wire, but there are some distinctions: Helical Spring: A helical spring is a broader term that encompasses various types of springs with a helical (spiral or coiled) shape. It includes…

  • Torsion springs">Torsion springs

    Torsion springs Torsion springs are operated by exerting a rotary force, also called torque. These helical springs have ends, which attach to other components and the rotation (twisting) of these parts causes the springs to exert a force that enables them to return to their original positions. As a torsion spring manufacturer, we craft an expansive collection of round-wire torsion springs. These can be tailored to…

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Tianjin SIMFLEX Company LTD. was established in 2003. We export different types of springs, lock washer, bearings, fasteners etc. We always been focusing on providing professional and personalized services to customers by our R&D, manufacturing and sales departments. Our products are strictly according to the standards and requirements of Chinese standard, Germany standard, American standard, JIS standard, international standard. We also accept customization according to the samples or drawings provided by customers.