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Different types of springs-Simflex supply.

We use springs in a lot of our daily use items. In this video we have jotted down some of the most commonly used springs. These include-Compression Spring, Extension spring, Torsion Spring, Die springs. Disc Or Belleville Spring.

Compression Springs are open-coil helical springs.As compression springs are compressed to a shorter height,they provide a force (push) to return the spring back to its normal height.

Extension springs are helical wound coils that usually have hooks, loops, or end coils
that are pulled out and formed from each end of the body.
The function of an extension spring is to provide extended force

Torsion springs can exert a torque or rotary force.
ends of a torsion spring are attached to other components,
and when those components rotate around the center of the spring,
the spring tries to push them back to their original position.

Die Springs are heavy duty metal compression springs manufactured using rectangle wire.
The die spring consists of two series: The ISO series and the JIS series.
The ISO series are categorised in 5 different colour groups.
The JIS series are categorized in 12 different colour groups.

The disc spring, also known as Belleville washer or disc washer or conical spring washer.
The disc spring is a spring washer with a conical shape.
The conical disc springs can be subjected to large loads or impacts with minor deflection, and the disc springs’ characteristics can be changed by itself or by stacking.
Our disc springs are produced according to the standard DIN 2093 and DIN 6796.