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How to measure a compression spring?

How to measure a compression spring?

If you need custom a compression spring, we should know the following data: Wire diameter, outside diameter, free length, total coils and end type.

If you do not know how to measure the spring, please see the video. If you need custom a spring, please contact us at sales5@simflex.cn;

First, measure the spring wire diameter, preferably to 3 decimal places for accuracy using calipers, then take the average. Please noted that take wire diameter in the middle of the spring, not one of the ends.

Second, measure the outside diameter of the coils. This might vary slightly from coil to coil, take the larger value measured.

Third, measure the free length in its uncompressed condition (without any force applied).

Four, we need to count the number of coils, also take in account the coils on each end.

Lastly, we should confirm the end type of the compression springs. Compression springs may have open end, open and ground end, closed not ground end, closed and ground end. Or you can send us pictures we can choose for you.